Redesigning the GoGreen in the city competition Website

Role: Project Planning, Design, HTML/CSS

Employed at: Sqore

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Schneider electric host the "Go Green in the city" competition every year. It's aim is to find innovative solutions for smarter and more energy efficient cities. The competition has some serious prizes on offer for winners, finalists and semi finalists, as well as additional individual awards such as the "Social Media Award" and the "Women In Business Award".

The competition is open to contestants from all over the world; often having winners and contestents from America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The contestants are asked to create a team of 2 and to submit their idea as either a 300 word text proposal or as an infographic.

Project Goals

The key goals for this project were:


As Sqore has run this project for the last 3 years, both parties are fairly well versed in working together, however the project grows each year so new agreements have to be made and expectations set.


The initial brief for this design was to offer a clean and minimal look whilst ensuring registration and participation. It later transpired that we would also need to incorporate some graphics from the previous years competition. This posed some difficulties as the previous years design was of a much more illustrative style than was requested for this project and therefore required some realignment of the brief, and of course compromise!


This was a fairly simple build using HTML/CSS(SASS) with no need for any CMS integration etc.


Whilst a lot of compromises had to be made during the design and build of this project due to client requests, I still feel that we were able to accomplished the goals set in initial meetings.

The competition had a record number of participants and ended with a happy client.

Toyota Design Fullpage
Toyota Design Fullpage
A big concern of the client was the responsiveness of the site as each year more participants are taking the competition on mobile devices.